Why you should choose Dedicated server Hosting for Business Expansion

Any business that is showing sturdy signs of growth requires closer inspection from its owner. In particular, you should pinpoint the important aspects that would allow it to maintain its current course of development —if not transcend it altogether. An online business is no exception to this.
Of course, as any experienced online marketer or webmaster would tell you, one of these factors is hosting. However, you’re probably still having a hard time to decide what specific type of hosting should you choose. Well, allow us to tell you outright that it’s best to choose a dedicated server hosting for this purpose. This should practically be a no-brainer, especially once you know the most compelling reasons behind this recommendation.

1. Dedicated IP Address

A dedicated server hosting always comes with its own dedicated address, unlike in shared hosting where multiple websites are assigned IP addresses that they share. As for how the latter can directly benefit your business, think of obtaining a dedicate IP address as the only way for your business to finally seal its identity online. After all, a dedicated IP address practically means your website would be assigned its location in a network. In shared hosting, one obvious downside is that once one website becomes flagged or gets hacked, pretty much all the websites that share its IP address can be compromised. It’s for this reason why dedicated server hosting can also give your website and its visitors an added layer of security, particularly data privacy.

2. Ease of Flexibility

This is an important aspect of a hosting server for any serious webmaster that wants to build his site according to what he envisioned it. Will you be using PHP3 on it? Then you’ll have all the freedom in the world to install that platform in a dedicated server hosting. The flexibility aspect of dedicated server hosting isn’t limited to that, though. For one, this also pertains to the ability of the web hosting companies that offer the said hosting to easily offer solutions to their customers that are more in-tuned with their specific needs. You won’t be forced to use or limited to a single system or platform, which could be equated to stifling your business’s growth potential. Control and liberty are the two keywords here, and a lot of IT solutions (if you’re hiring them or intend to do so in the near future) want to have as much of the two as possible when developing any web property.

3. Expert Support

This type of hosting costs a little higher precisely because it gives clients the needed professional support to get it set up and maintain it over time It might take a while for you to get a hang of this more advanced kind of hosting so you can really expect more assistance when using it. Besides helping with basic things like domain registration and migration, you can even get excellent support when designing and building your website. The level of support you’ll get, in short, would be unprecedented, to say the least, especially if you’re leveling up from a minor hosting server.

4. Optimum Security

Having a dedicated IP address as a security deterrent in this type of hosting is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the further security it brings. These servers, after all, are given consistent security patches on its software. It’s still your job as webmaster to actually install these patches, though. Also, most packages come with built-in 0005 protection, which is another vital line of defense for any website that is slowly getting an influx of increased traffic and brand awareness. This should be sufficient in stopping hackers from meddling with your site. Lastly, though they are often not included in dedicated server hosting, know that other security measures like data centers that come with advanced encryption are also compatible with this hosting type too.

5. Reliability & Performance

This is the main defining aspect of a dedicated server hosting. It shouldn’t be surprise if you’ll get only the best performance from these servers as you are the only one that would be using all of their processing resources. It is also very flexible in giving you the opportunity to incorporate other components (whether software or hardware) you might need to further boost its performance. Just ask any reviewer of web hosting services, and you’ll find that dedicated server hosting is always at the top of their list for the value-for-money that it often has. Disk 10 issues are a prevalent performance issue that customers encounter when it comes to storage. This is the case even in cloud hosting, which had often been touted as better than dedicated servers. This is practically impossible to happen in a dedicated server as most come with potent RAM and CPU power (RAID 10, for example) that pretty much guarantees optimal performance.

6. Uninterrupted Speed

Speed is another fundamental feature that is present in dedicated servers. Again, this is because all the processing memory and disk space will be used by your website alone and won’t be eaten by other online properties, as is the case in shared hosting. Site speed is always important for any developing business and with a dedicated server you will essentially always be a step ahead of the competition that doesn’t have it Of course, besides being quick, they also make sure that your website would be immune from inconvenient downtimes caused by speed interruptions. You’re probably already aware that a split-second in downtime alone can cost an online business invaluable profit. How much more for a growing business like yours?


In short, performance is the feature that makes dedicated server stand apart. Think of your transition to dedicated server hosting as a form of baptism of fir. It means that you are ready to take your business to the next level and are serious in your online endeavors. This is all the more important if your business is already ripe for expansion. Settling for something less than this could severely limit the development of your business if it won’t halt it altogether

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Undule Amon Undule Amon is an independent digital strategist and the Director at Duxte Limited, a marketing agency specializing in website design and web hosting Tanzania that prides itself on efficient service and happy customers.

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