3 Online Marketing Strategies for 2018

Online marketing can be a challenge for any business. Success means staying up-to-date on online marketing strategies and trends, which can sometimes feel like a full-time job within itself. But trying out new online marketing tactics can be a quick and simple process. Use these three online marketing strategies for 2018 and you’ll lead your business to success.

Content is King

Blogging (including guest posts) is always king for attracting new and organic inbound traffic to your e-commerce store or website. Blogs are successful marketing tools because personalized content enables your business to connect well with your target audience. For example, ZipBooks, my accounting software and services company, writes blog posts that are specifically targeted to growing businesses. Additionally, Hubspot, a leader in online marketing, notes that through blog posts you can increase your business’s audience connectivity by 42%.

Additionally, leveraging personalized content includes sharing checklists, white-papers, and eBooks in an easy way that encourages potential clients to share their contact information in exchange for your downloads. This exchange helps to grow your prospective client database and mailing list. A robust mailing list is a critical marketing tool for having a successful business.

Video Marketing

As advancements in mobile technology are continually increasing, video marketing is connecting with a broader target audience. This effect results in more and more businesses incorporating video into their online marketing strategies. For example, Forbes recently reported that 92% of people who watch videos on mobile devices share them, which exponentially expands video’s organic reach. In fact, nearly two-thirds of all buyers visit a business’s website after they’ve watched a video shared by someone in their social network.

Almost any online site can incorporate video content. Whether you’re adding short promotional segments to your website landing page or interviews to a blog post, you’ll be reaching an audience you might otherwise have missed.

Another important aspect to video marketing is making sure your website looks good on mobile devices. According to OuterBox Web Design, 62% of all online shoppers use a mobile device for completing a transaction. When your site is mobile-friendly, then these online shoppers will more likely discover your business and use your services.

Social Media

Successful online marketing means understanding your customers’ needs and communicating in a way that feels natural to your customers. It also includes building your authority across multiple social media platforms. When social media users see your company on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or other social media platforms, then their impression of your brand grows. The more that your business shows up organically during their time online, the more likely they are to become curious about your business and check out your website and blog.

These three online marketing strategies can help build your business in 2018. But don’t feel overwhelmed by thinking that you have to try out all these tactics at once. Putting even just one of these tips into effect can have a dramatic impact on your business in the months ahead. It’s not too late to make 2018 your best year ever and claim your spot as an industry leader.

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